I first heard of Mike McHargue aka “Science Mike” through the podcast of Woodland Hills Church.  Pastor Greg Boyd and Mike did a Q&A about science and faith, a subject which has always fascinated me.  Mike shared his testimony and it just blew my mind. So much so that when offered a free copy of the his book in exchange for a review, I was ALL IN.

Mike grew up a nerdy Southern Baptist kid who had a deeply personal relationship with Jesus… until he didn’t. Family crisis lead to a crisis of faith.  Finding God in the Waves is the story of how the science nerd found his way back home.

I’ve never believed that science and faith are diametrically opposed. In fact, the more we learn about science, the more awesome God seems to me.  How expansive His creation and how “creative” He is.

You might not agree with every single conclusion Mike draws in getting back home, but that’s okay. Mike holds these conclusions with an open hand. Something we can all probably do more of.

Faith that you haven’t fought for or really thought through doesn’t really belong to you. Mike’s faith truly belongs to him and I’m so grateful that he shared his journey with all of us.