It’s been a long time since I’ve written. I’ve started and deleted about eleventy-seven blog posts in the last couple of months. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around all the things that have happened in the last few months, both in my personal life and in the world at large.

Facebook is a minefield. Twitter isn’t much better. Everyone is pissed.  Everyone is hankering for a fight. Everyone is right and everyone else is wrong.  If you voted for Trump, you’re a fascist-racist-homophobic-xenophobe. If you voted for Hillary, you’re baby-killing-whiney-libtard.

Have I covered it yet?

Here’s the truth. Both candidates in 2016 were awful. Awful. Not okay. Not passable. Awful. Both of them have more baggage than the Kardashians on vacation. Hillary is a walking ethics scandal, and Donald Trump is a walking hormone.  So no matter who won, we got someone awful, just in different ways.

I’ve spent the better part of January completely stressed out about what the heck is going to happen next.  I can’t stand to watch the news anymore because the vitriol is toxic. I don’t like being on Facebook because I’m watching long-term relationships implode over politics. Y’all, I’m just over the angry.

I said at the beginning of the year that 2017 was going to be a No Drama Year. Today, the last day of January 2017, I’m recommitting to that. No drama. There are real concerns in this world that need to be addressed, but I’m unsubscribing to a whole lot of issues.

This is my plan:

  1. I’m going to limit my time on TV news. I want to informed, but I want to be sane. TV news is too much about telling me what to think instead of just telling me what’s going on.
  2. I’m going to limit my time on social media.  I love all of you, but I’m getting soaked in drama and I need to dry out. I want to see your babies, your puppies, and your dinner. I want to see your kids graduate and get their first cars. If you post things that are hateful and insulting to anyone, you will be unfollowed.
  3. I’m going to be writing my representatives and congressmen.  They may or may not agree with me or even listen to me, but I will write to them. They need to be reminded that they work for me, not the other way around.
  4. I’m going to be voting.  Midterms. Local elections. Dog catcher. Whatever. We are in charge. I’d love to have term limits as a law, but we forget we can limit terms by voting these weirdos out.
  5. I’m going to be kind.  Kind to people who agree with me. Kind to people who don’t agree with me. Kind to people who look like me.  Kind to those who don’t look like me. I am a follower of Jesus. He was kind and generous to everyone. I will do likewise, even when that’s hard.
  6. I’m going to give to organizations that are doing good work.  Whatever issue you are passionate about, you can bet there’s a non-profit who’s already doing that work and could use your time, talent and treasure.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make a difference in the world.

Here’s the bottom line. Giving myself a bleeding ulcer is not going to make the world a better place. I cannot convince every living soul that my way is right, nor is that even a good idea. We’ve lost the art of listening to one another.  The truth generally lives in the middle of two extremes.  As a sweet Facebook friend so eloquently put it, “An eagle needs both its right wing and left wing to fly.”

Be kind, y’all… and post some pictures of your dinner.  I don’t know who’s having pork chops tonight, and that’s a problem. 🙂