I’ve not written in a long time, frankly because I’ve been a little speechless about this whole election thing. In all my 30 years of voting (Yep, I’m that old), I’ve never seen anything like this. And, God willing, I’ll never see again.

Never has it been this nasty. Never have both candidates been this vile. I can make a strong case for NOT voting for both of them, but I’ll heartily admit that I’m struggling to make a case FOR either of them.

Donald is a misogynist, racist, xenophobe who uses 5th grade smear tactics against anyone who disagrees with him, and that’s not even considering the videotape that surfaced recently.

Hillary is a certified liar and public panderer who would mostly rather lie than tell the truth even if it benefited her.

Facebook has turned into a veritable battleground with people charging forth their loathing of one or other other while feigning shock and horror that someone would consider voting for the other guy.  I’ve seen friendships end over this thing.

Please People, neither of these candidates is worth ending a relationship over. They are equally vile. 

Good people will vote for Hillary Clinton for various reasons. Good people will vote for Donald Trump for various reasons.  Most of those good people probably won’t be excited about voting for whichever one they chose. This election cycle is all about pulling the shiniest turd from the bucket.

Perhaps we need a little perspective:

For the 8 years George W. was president, my liberal friends all believed the world was going to end… but it didn’t.

For the 8 years Obama has been president, my super conservative friends have feared that the world was going to end… but it hasn’t.

Are elections important?  Absolutely.  Am I going vote? Absolutely.

BUT… we have to remember that administrations have come and gone in this country for two and a half centuries.  Some of them good and some of them bad. We have survived all of them.

Donald says that he’s going to make America great again…. I assert that it never stopped being great.

It’s not politicians that make America great. It’s not who sits in the Oval Office or in the houses of Congress. While those things are important, what makes America great is her people. Good people who are going to make a difficult choice in November.  Good people who will live and work together after all the confetti has been swept away and all those wretched commercials are finally gone.

America’s already great.  It’s our choices this year that are not.