If you’ve been even moderately awake in the last few weeks, doubtless you’ve heard about the myriad of “religious freedom” bills floating around various legislatures.  They basically allow people to choose not to provide services for the LGBT community based on religious objections to their lifestyle.  Today in Tennessee, the bar was raised even further giving mental health professionals the right to deny services to people in the LGBT community based on deeply held convictions.

Anyone who’s read more than one post on this blog knows that I’m a Christian.  I believe the Bible is true and the divinely inspired word of God; however, I don’t support this type of legislation.

As a Christian, I believe it’s my responsibility to serve everyone with love and respect.  It’s the life that Jesus modeled.  He didn’t tell us to just do good to those who do good to us or agree with us, but to also love those who mistreat us and don’t agree with anything we espouse.  How are we suppose to speak truth and light into people’s lives if we constantly make concentrated efforts to avoid these people like the Black Death?

I don’t want to start arguments or question anyone’s commitment to Christ, but please think about what message we are sending to the LGBT community.  Are we inviting them to join us at the table so we can share Christ with them, or are we telling them that their sin is too great for Christ’s blood to cover?

We don’t have to hoard God’s love and forgiveness.  There’s more than enough to go around.