It’s been a long time since I posted.  Things have been crazy at work and things have been crazy in the world.  Prison breaks. Murders of innocent people at a Bible study.  ISIS.  It’s Breaking News Overload.

So what do we say when there’s nothing to say?

No one needs me to tell them that what happened in Charleston is a tragedy.

No one needs to me to tell them that ISIS is bad.

Would anyone care about Josh Duggar or Caitlyn Jenner if they didn’t have TV shows?

Rachel Dolezal is a white woman with a spray tan and a weave and a really dysfunctional family.

Brian Williams lied even if he won’t actually say the word “lied.”

Do we really wonder why people are more into cat videos than the nightly news?  Why binge-watching Netflix is a national pastime?  We’re exhausted from the drama.

When everything in the world is BREAKING NEWS, is anything really important?