A little honesty:  It’s been really hard to write lately.  There hasn’t been anything “wonderful” and “insightful” for me to share.  No great pearls of wisdom or catchy turns of phrase that make me feel good about myself as a writer.  Just a lot silence and reading.  Lots of reading.

I think everyone’s life is that way sometimes.  We blow and go and make things happen for awhile and then there’s a season of silence.  Of thinking.  Of percolating thoughts.  Time to recharge and regroup.  That’s where I am.  Soaking up other people’s words and figuring out what it is that God wants to me to do next.

Right now, I’m reading Breaking Free by Beth Moore and she’s blowing my socks off.  I’m following Ann Voskamp’s blog pretty regularly and she’s challenging me in the way I think and pray.  I’m doing a Bible reading plan where you read the Bible in a year in chronological order instead of just Genesis to Revelation.  I’m listening to a lot of Andy Stanley’s preaching.

What are you reading or listening to that’s changing or challenging you?