I heard there was a leak,
and so I set out with my
Trusty Toolbox to
That’s what I do, ya know.
I fix things.
I put stuff back together
and in perspective.
Everything just so.
Right and in order.
As well they should be.


I arrived on the scene
And much to my dismay.
It just kept on leaking.
No matter what tool I tried.
I tried twisting,
I emptied my box and my mind
to no avail.
Trusty Toolbox and I were no match for this leak.

What does this mean?
I’m a Fixer.
What happens when the Fixer can’t fix?

So I called the Boss
as a last resort.
Nothing left to do.
We talked for a long time.
He said I should have talked to Him first.
Would have saved a lot of time
and frustration.
Seems I don’t have to know how to fix everything.

Who knew?

Sandra Perry © 2015