We’re two days from THE BIG DAY, and there are a few things I’d like for you to keep in mind.

  • There was no two-shipping from Amazon or Pinterest in Bethlehem, and, yet, Christmas actually occurred.
  • No one will remember what wrapping paper you used by next week.  Not to mention that it all goes in the garbage afterward.  Relax.
  • No one on your gift list is really going to sit and compare notes on the value of their gifts.  If they do, you are allowed not to invite them next year.
  • Norman Rockwell paintings capture about a five second snapshot of holiday festivities.  Anybody can be perfect for five seconds.  There’s a reason why Norman Rockwell doesn’t have a YouTube channel…

Before you make yourself insane with plans and presents and people, remember that Jesus was born in a barn and the wise men didn’t show up with the presents until He was nearly two.  Give yourself a break.  Jesus came to give us live more abundantly, not debt and stress more abundantly.  He’s the Prince of Peace… not price tags.