As we approach Election Day tomorrow, I wanted to share a few random thoughts with you:

  • Every vote counts.  Just ask the people in Florida during the Bush/Gore election.  If you don’t participate, you are allowing the extremists on either side decide the fate of our nation.  That’s not acceptable.
  • Don’t be fooled by labels.  Republican.  Democrat.  Liberal. Conservative.  Whatever.  The older I get, the harder my ideals are to pigeonhole.  You are more than the sum total of some political platform.
  • Never allow issues to overshadow people.  You can’t assume why people are in situations.  Here’s a spin on a classic:  Stereotype people in the way you would want to be stereotyped.
  • Do your research.  If you are relying on political advertisements to make your decisions, you will most likely make the wrong one.  Here’s a hint:  everyone’s ads are misleading.  Period.  End of Story.  Don’t be lazy.
  • Pray about your decisions.  God tells us to pray for those in authority.  He also wants us to pray about who should BE in authority in the first place.

All of us complain about the state of our government, but let’s not forget that those people serve at OUR discretion.  I don’t care if someone has been in Congress since Thomas Jefferson was in high school, if you don’t like the way the job is being done, use that vote to fire them.

There are people in other nations who are fighting and dying for the right to vote.  Let’s not take such an amazing privilege for granted.  But above everything else, let’s not forget:

They will know we are Christians by our love, not our voter registration cards.