Armored vehicles from the peacekeepers of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, also known as UNDOF, wait to cross from the Israeli controlled Golan Heights to Syria, Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014.

Is it just me or is everyone weary of the angry faces on the news?  Anger in the Middle East over a strip of land they’ve been fighting about for 5,000 years.  Anger in Ferguson over the death of a young man.  Angry men in masks advancing Jihad and making videos of beheadings.  No wonder everyone loves the Ice Bucket Challenge.  It’s happy in the midst of angry.  Hope in the middle of sadness. 

As a Christian and a serial fixer, sometimes I do have to take a step back from the news coverage.  I can’t make peace in the Middle East.  I can’t fix racism or soothe social unrest.  I can’t make people respect one another’s differences on a large scale.  BUT…

I watch and wish that things were better but what can I DO?

  • I can help my sweet sister-in-law whose husband suffers from early onset Alzheimer’s get some projects done around her house.
  • I can send a funny picture and an encouraging text to a friend.
  • I can sincerely pray for the people in my world and not just talk about it. 
  • I can really listen to those around me without automatically trying to “fix” them.

Jesus talks a lot about this kind of love.  Love that goes and does.  Love that actively seeks and finds.  Love that makes meals and puts on Band-Aids.  Love that makes another pot of coffee and listens. 

Maybe Jesus talks about this kind of love because it’s this kind of love that really will change the world. 

How can you practice practicality today?