Dear Robin,

I never actually knew you personally, but I feel like I did. You made me laugh. Not cute, giggly laughs, but snot and tears running down my face laughs. You were a force of nature. A genius who could pull funny out of thin air. 

And then you started doing serious acting, and again you made me cry.  That scene in Good Will Hunting never ceases to break my heart. 

I wish I could understand why so many incredibly funny people struggle with a darkness so deep.  Why genius is so deeply intertwined with sadness.  Maybe the gift that helps you see the world like no one else makes you more susceptible to its madness. 

I’m so sorry that you’re gone.  I pray that your family will find comfort in these days without you.  I’m thankful for the gift of video that allows your genius to live on. 

Maybe, just maybe, your loss will allow someone else to reach out for help. 

Mental illness is an illness and not a character flaw.  God knows that we’re fragile.  He understands.  I hope you found Him on the other side.

With love and gratefulness,