I’m not a NASCAR fan, but even I know about the situation with Tony Stewart.  Over the weekend, he was involved in a tragic accident which resulted in the death of a 20 year old driver named Kevin Ward.  There are lots of stories and lots of speculation, but there will probably be no criminal charges for Tony, and there probably shouldn’t be.  That being said… Tony will live with this awful tragedy for the rest of his life. 

When I watch the video from Saturday night, I don’t see a homicide.  I do, however, see a great deal of bad judgment on both sides.  I see two guys reacting in the heat of the moment.  I see two guys who should knew better but didn’t do better. 

Conflicts get that way sometimes. 

You get so sucked into the drama and the emotion of the moment that things are said and done without any regard to the consequences.  When things go too far, things get said or done that you can’t take back.  Things you don’t get a chance to fix.  Consequences are permanent sometimes.

This is why the Bible goes into great detail about how to deal with our anger and our emotions.  Because in the heat of a moment or the blink of an eye, everything can change and some things can’t be put back together.