I recently tweaked my playlist to add some older songs in my library.  While I was listening, I ran across this old song from a Christian band called Audio Adrenaline.  It’s a fun little pop ditty about how no matter what cool-beans things we accomplish as people, we will never be as “big as Jesus.” But as oftentimes happens in our lives, I had a different reaction to the song this time.


Sometimes being a grown up is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Sometimes I feel like I’m personally in charge of Planet Earth and all of its inhabitants.  It’s easy to start believing that every need that comes to my attention is my responsibility to fix.  This leads to Seriously Grumpy Tired Overworked and Overwhelmed Sandy, who is not any fun to be around.


Here is the chorus of the song:

I could be anything I wanted to, yeah
I could be anything but one thing’s true

Never gonna be as big as Jesus
Never gonna hold the world in my hands
Never gonna be as big as Jesus
Never gonna build a promised land
But that’s, that’s alright, okay with me

I’m never going to be as big as Jesus… so I don’t HAVE to hold the world in my hands or build a promised land.  That was never meant to be my job.  I’m a good problem solver, but it’s not my responsibility to eliminate the problems from the lives of everyone I come in contact with.  It’s not my job to build a heaven-on-earth for my family where they will never be affected by the slings and arrows of the world.  I have a responsibility to my family and the world around me, but I’m not it’s Lord and Savior.  That job has been filled by someone much more amply qualified than me.

And that’s all right.  It’s okay with me.