Three years ago, we lost my sweet brother-in-law, Greg, to a drunk/high driver.  He and his wife were on his vintage Triumph when they were hit.  Greg died instantly.  His wife was critically injured, but thankfully survived.

While the pain is not as raw as it was on that horrific July night, to say that it’s gone would be a lie.  There are days and hours and moments when it still threatens to pull all the breath out of my body.  There are days that I’m so angry with the guy who did this to our family. 

I’ve learned that grief comes in waves.  It crashes over the shore of my consciousness and then it recedes for a time.  And like the ocean, it’s important to ride the waves and not fight them.  It’s when we fight that we get sucked under and drown.

Whatever you’re going through today, don’t forget  your surf board.  No matter who choppy the seas, you can always surf.