My name is Sandy and I am a certified music nerd.  In my world, there are only two kinds of music:  good and bad.  I love different styles and genres.  If someone asked me about my favorite song, it would honestly depend on the day.  Music is an integral part of my existence.  I constantly have something playing in my background.  Some days it’s classic rock.  Other days it’s bubble gum pop.  A lot of days it’s Christian rock.  If I had to give you three songs that are particularly important to me I’d have to say these:

My Child Is Coming Home by David Phelps.

I first heard this song at my grandmother’s funeral.  My grandmother was an amazing Christian woman.  She embodied the essence of everything Jesus taught.  Her faith wasn’t just a Sunday morning ritual.  It was a lifestyle choice.  I believe this is the way she would have viewed Heaven and the way that God viewed her.  It’s what I aspire to in my own relationship with Jesus.

Go Rest High on that Mountainby Vince Gill

I’ve loved this song since it came out.  There’s just something haunting and beautiful about the music and the words.  My mother’s family are all from Appalachia, so perhaps there’s just something in my blood that resonates with these lyrics.  This was also played at my grandfather’s funeral, which gives it a special meaning as well

God’s Great Dance Floor by Chris Tomlin

This is a new favorite of mine.  Another Christian song, I believe it speaks so much to the amazing love God has for us no matter what our situation or our circumstances.

You never give up on us. 

No matter how far we run.

You never give up on us.

All of Heaven shouts, “Let the Future begin!”

It’s a encouraging song with a great beat.  Plus, it has a mariachi trumpet solo.  How can you NOT like a mariachi trumpet solo?

How does music speak to you? What are three songs that make up the soundtrack of your life?