My name is Sandy, and I am directionally challenged.  My inner compass was apparently not installed.  I know four directions:  left, right, up and down.  I am the person for which GPS technology was invented.  I love that little reassuring dot on my iPhone map that seems to understand where I am and points me in the direction of where I’m supposed to be. 

Sometimes we just need to see the dot.  To find ourselves in the bigger picture.  To find where we took a wrong turn and how to get back to the right road.  To see what side of the street the destination is.  To make sure that the destination is even where we thought it was in the first place. 

You know I’m not talking about roads anymore, right? 

Just like the GPS on your phone, the first step in getting where you want to be is owning where you are.  It’s not hard to get lost.  We stray off the path.  We take wrong turns.  We get bad directions.  We get distracted.  We get forced into trips we never wanted to take in the first place.  It happens.  Beating yourself up for getting lost doesn’t get you unlost.  Figure out where you are and move on.

The next step seems simple.  Where do you want to go?  If you want the map to give you accurate directions, you have to give it a specific destination.  A place.  A goal.  You will never arrive at a vague generality.  You’ll drive until you run out of gas but you won’t get there.  A lot of us are driving around in circles because we have no clue where we want to be.

So, where are you?  Do you even know?  Where do you want to go?  Are you looking the right place?  Are your directions reliable?  Are you ready to own your spot?