I’ll admit it.  I’m a complete sucker for a book about real people who do extraordinary things.  The every day hero.  Adam Brown was an everyday hero.

A regular guy from Hot Springs, AR, Adam prevailed in a struggle with drug addiction to become a Navy Seal and eventually become a member of the elite Seal Team Six.   Fearless chronicals Adam’s fall into addiction and his rise to the military elite.  It’s a story of family loyalty and life-changing faith.   It also follows the story of his parents. his wife and kids and the sacrifices they made in order for Adam to realize his potential.

As far as the writing goes, it’s really not the best.  It tends to be a little repetitive and cliched in spots, but the story itself propels the book beyond the cliches and keeps you interested througout.

All and all, this is great story that will make you incredibly proud of the people who choose to sacrifice their personal safety for our personal freedom.