Twelve years… Doesn’t seem that long ago.  The day our nation lost its virgnity in terms of terrorist attacks on our soil.  We spent most of our lives watching buildings blow up in other countries.  Watching desperate foreign faces dealing with shattered glass and shattered dreams.  And then it was us.  Here.  Among us.  Dumbfounded as we watched a plane crash into a crowed office building on live TV.  We watched an American icon fall right before our eyes.  The day when “Let’s Roll” became a battlecry. 

“It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times…”

 We watched the unwatchable.  Desperate souls falling from the sky.  Buildings crumbling like a cosmic game of Jenga.  People who probably never really noticed one another any other day became siblings in suffering that morning.  We watched strangers become heroes.  Heroes who ran into what most would run away from. 

Fire, soot, ash, dust, destruction, loss, pain, death… I don’t think I’ve ever felt as helpless and afraid in my whole life. 

In Memphis, we watched the River and the bridges.  We didn’t like being in tall buildings.  We worried that FedEx would be next.  We sat around TV’s in corporate conference rooms and sometimes we cried.  Mostly we stood in stunned silence not being able to pull our eyes away from what was happening.  It seemed immoral to do anything normal. 

The song asks, “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?”  I remember.

May we never forget.