I’m a writer, have been since I held a pencil in my hand for the first time. Granted, I have been through long seasons in my life when I don’t actually commit anything to paper, at least not publicly, I will always be a writer.

So why do I hesitate? A lot of reasons I suppose. Lack of confidence. Too much perfectionism. And honestly, there are just so many voices out there. Why would anyone really be interested in hearing mine?

There are already a lot of really spectacular writers who write in my genre. People for whom I have a great deal of admiration. People who, in my estimation, will always be my superior. Does that mean that what I have to say is less important? Does that mean that everyone will instantly have the same opinion?

I’m not Max Lucado… but he’s not Sandy Perry.

There are 84,000,000 different books about weight loss and devotional topics, but none speak of MY story. Is my story significant enough to warrant someone’s time and money?

Is it my responsibility to worry about that or should I just shut up and keep writing?