So here I am… Writer Extraordinaire… armed with a new year’s resolve to write more… and … not squat to say. 

What I want is to have something funny and insightful and generally fabulous to share with you all, but the fact is that I’m in a really pleasantly boring place right now.  Nothing really exciting or stressful in my world. 

I’m a victim of my own expectations.  Instead of just sharing the contents of my brain on any general variety of subjects, I figure that I have to have the perfect thing to say in order to say anything.  This is funny to me considering in my real, vocal life I’m a big time talker.  Just ask my husband. 🙂

The fact of the matter is that I have an amazing family, and we’re in a good place right now.  Busy, but not in an overwhelming or awful way.  We’ve had our fair share of that, thank you very much. 

I’ve lost 90 pounds on Weight Watchers.  Yes, I would like to lose another 10 pounds and it’s frankly hard as hell.  BUT… I’m in a good place in terms of all the health numbers that count. 

All of these things are worth chronicling right?

What are you NOT doing today that because you don’t think it’s awesome enough?  And who decides what qualifies awesome anyway?