Like everyone else on Planet Earth, I am dumbfounded with grief over the events in Newtown, CT.  The idea that someone breaks into an elementary school and shoots 20 first graders and 6 adults is beyond my comprehension.

For the entire afternoon, I watched the coverage ad naseum.  I was hoping for someone to tell me why.  Why did it happen?  Why did he target them?  A desperate search for sense among the senseless.  But it didn’t happen… and it still hasn’t.

There isn’t going to be a nice package to wrap this whole thing up in that will help us make sense of it.  You can’t find logic in the mind of a madman.  You can’t justify the wholesale slaughter of the innocent.  The average person doesn’t wake up in the morning, shoot their mother in the head and then open fire on schoolchildren. 

I wanted it to make sense for those sweet parents whose lives have been shattered.  It could have been me.  It could have been any of us. 

I wanted it to make sense for the kids and adults who made it out alive.  Who are thankful to be alive and most likely feeling really guilty for being alive.  Never again will those kids ever really feel completely safe anywhere anymore.  Who can blame them? 

It’s one of those times when you cry out to God for answers, but there are no easy, neat answers to be found.  It’s a messy, complicated world.  Very little fits in a box with a snap on lid for convenience.

So we reach out our with our prayers and actions to those who are devasted by the senseless.  We trust in the God of all Comfort who holds us when nothing make sense.  We treat one another kindess and compassion because we don’t know what someone is dealing with behind their closed doors and forced smiles.

There are some things you can’t explain and you can’t fix, but instead of doing nothing, you find that small something that you CAN control and you move forward.