I remember how incredibly nervous I was to meet you.  You had been elevated to near mythological status and I knew that if you didn’t like me, I was sunk.  Luckily you did, and I wasn’t and another branch of kudzu was born.

I remember that crazy night at the movies when I was so ill advised to sit between the two of you.  As pissed off as I was at both of you, I can’t help but smile every time those stupid dinosaurs are on TV. 

I remember that evening in Omaha when Dad danced with the tattooed lady and Mom bopped to Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Stevie Ray Vaughn will forever belong to you, and I still think the lead singer of Metallica looks like you.

I smile every time I pass the dry ice freezer at the store, remembering that five-year-old grin on your face making it blow up in the cove.

The laughter.  The hugs.  The fried fish and pickles.  The ferocious love you had for your family.

That’s who you were…

And that’s how I’ll always remember you.