I would like to petition the Powers That Be to have the word “should” eliminated from the English language.

This word might have had some necessity at its inception, but it has become a buzzword of the passive agressive and the guiltmongers.

You “should” feel such-and-such.  You “should” want to __________.  You “should” eat thus-and-such.  What if I DON’T feel such-and-such?  What if I don’t WANT to do fill-in-the-blank?  What if I don’t like thus-and-such?  Does that make me wrong?  A bad person?  Defective in some way?

If I need to do something, be unambiguous about it.  The 10 Commandments aren’t the 10 SHOULDS.  God didn’t suggest what to do and not to do.  He was rather blunt about it.  He didn’t really ask our input about the subject, and I can appreciate that.  These are His standards, like them or not.

Should is what people use to guilt you into something.  To establish an expectation that more often than not is an opinion and not an absolute.

Therefore, I respectfully submit my request to have SHOULD removed from the venacular.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


She Who is Sick of of “Should”