Today I was reminded of the great poem by Robert Burns, To a Louse.   I was at the gym rockin’ out on the elliptical when I noticed a wasp on the back of the person in front of me.  She was chatting on her phone, running on the treadmille, yet totally oblivious to the fact that this little bugger was crawling up her back.  I watched for about five minutes, hoping that it would just fly away of its own accord.  It didn’t.  I started worrying that she would get stung; that she might be allergic.  SO… I took a break from the elliptical, told her that she had a passenger and knocked it off for her.

Catastrophe averted, I resumed my workout.  The funny part is this same woman who ten minutes ago was oblivious to the fact that a wasp was crawling up her back got a royal case of the buggies.  She started checking herself for crawling monsters, but never found anything.

Isn’t that the way it always is?  We’re oblivious when the danger is right on top of us, crawling up and threatening to sting us at any minute, but if we THINK it MIGHT happen, we’re paranoid that it’s coming to get us at any minute.

Oh, to see ourselves as others see us….