To say that it’s been an incredibly wild 2011 would be the understatement of the century.  We’ve gone through so much and had so many changes.

We lost Joe and Peanut after long illnesses and then Greg so suddenly from a motorcycle wreck.   Greg’s death was the kind of loss that takes the breath from your body and leaves you questioning everything.

Greg’s wife, Jeri, has become one of my heroes.  She’s always been one of my absolute favorite people, but my admiration has increased expontentially in the last few months.  She was seriously injured in the crash with Greg.  On that July evening, if you’d told me that she would be out of the hospital and walking with assistance in November, I would have told you that you were crazy.  I, apparently, am the crazy one.  She’s walking and moving and laughing and moving on.  An unbelievable witness to the power of God and just sheer determination.  I want to be cool like Jeri when I grow up.

I can’t honestly say that I’ll be sad to see the ball drop on 2011.  It’s been one of THOSE years.  Nothing has been easy in 2011, but there’s always growth in THOSE years.  Your roots in God dig in a little deeper but He’s the only real thing that you can hold on to.   This holiday season will be bittersweet in our family, but maybe we’ll take one another a little less for granted this year.  That’s always a beautiful thing.